A Reputable Karate School for Your Training

If you are considering to join a karate school, keep in mind that Iaido Jiu Jitsu Kendo Club is one of the most preferred martial art schools in the area. Located in the region of New York, NY, we are a renowned self defense school, that has been training kids and adults alike, for many years. If you want to get in shape and hone your senses, visit us and sign for training. Our instructors are capable of teaching you many martial arts, and whether you want to focus on karate, jiu jitsu, or kedno, you will find what you need here. Do not hesitate and start a new journey in the world of martial arts and self discipline.

Karate ShoolWe have great masters of the martial arts teaching in our top level karate school. They are experienced in training other people in the ways of self defense and humility, and they will train you too. They have been training students of all ages, in an efficient and safe manner, that will introduce you to the world of karate. Sign your children to our kids karate classes, and they will learn important lessons of self awareness at an early age, which will help them develop into responsible grownups.

Karate is an old martial art, that has been practiced for centuries. The techniques are sometimes easy and simple, while some can be quite complicated at the same time. Mastering the art requires speed, precision, grace and balanced power. These are all qualities that you will gain while training in our karate school. You will also hone your senses, feel an increase in confidence, personal discipline, and self-esteem and control. Located in the territory of New York, NY, Iaido Jiu Jitsu Kendo Club is the place where you will improve your physical qualities, spiritual awareness and inner peace.

Contact us on (212) 807-7336, to achieve control over your body and spirit!