Jiu Jitsu

One of the Most Renowned Jiu Jitsu Clubs in the Region

If you want to train and hone your body and spirit, come to Iaido Jiu Jitsu Kendo Club! Located in the region of New York, NY, we are a self defense school that teaches Jiu Jitsu Cluba variety of martial arts to local residents. You can learn many ways to improve yourself, regardless of whether you choose karate, kendo or jiu jitsu. As one of the renowned jiu jitsu clubs in the area, we will teach you how to defend yourself in unpleasant situations. You will learn that you can always depend on your skills and the techniques you have learned. Jiu jitsu will also benefit you by improving both your mental and physical condition. But martial arts are about more than just sport or fighting skill. You will experience true changes in your self discipline and integrity as a person.

We are preferred amongst other jiu jitsu clubs, because our instructors are some of the great masters in the art. They will teach you to be patient, confident and humble, as well as how to fend off an attack. Practicing martial arts will make you happier and healthier. Do not hesitate to join, for you can only benefit from this experience. Both your body and spirit will improve, as you learn discipline and combat techniques that will grant you an advantage in unfair combat.

 Class and instructor of jiu jitsu practicing movesPracticing jiu jitsu will undoubtedly change your physical appearance. It will lead to strengthening your body, increasing your agility and endurance, and to significant loss of body fat. Your overall health will increase, as you become more muscular and fast. Even your reflexes will improve. Turn to us when you have a desire to change your life, and we will provide you with the training you need.

Located in the region of New York, NY, Iaido Jiu Jitsu Kendo Club is one of the preferred self defense and  jiu jitsu clubs in the area. We are the rational choice for you and your training endeavors.

Simply contact us on (212) 807-7336, to begin your journey into the world of the martial arts!