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What Are the Different Types of Martial Arts Taught at a Self Defense School?

Self Defense School Self defense, also referred to as martial arts, was originally taught for combat. The practice today is now commonly used for self protection, fitness, sports, mental development and building up confidence in a self defense school. There are different kinds of defensive practices to master, each one having different characteristics that set it apart from the others.

Once someone decides which method of self defense is the one for them, they can start taking classes in a self defense school, and progress in their levels through regular practice and dedication. This practice is found as far back as China. It was designed for the purpose of defending oneself in fighting.

Certain techniques of martial arts were designed for an individual to perform armed, while others are performed unarmed. The result of any martial art is to achieve physical power over an opponent and win. The categories of self defense are using weapons, striking, joint locks, throwing and hybrid arts. Original methods using weapons involved using lethal weapons like knives, daggers and swords. This changed over time to individuals using wooden weapons to avoid injuring their opponent.

The striking art is the oldest kind of martial arts still practised. The purpose of this is to strike an opponent in vulnerable parts of their body to win. Karate, boxing, and Tae Kwon Do are some of the types of striking arts method. Karate and Tae Kwon Do use different various punches and kicks, while boxing is done using gloves to hit an opponent on the upper part of the body.

A more defined form of self-defense is joint lock. A person has to learn how to push and manipulate their opponent’s joints to the point of pain. This is effective when a small person defends themselves. Aikido is a kind of joint lock technique. These kinds of methods need years of study and are hard to master.

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